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Monday, October 11, 2010

Mohop Shoes - Sent by the Gods

I love shoes and I am a self confessed shoeaholic, like most women.  Mohop shoes are my new fetish.  I love their versatility, possibilities and their adaptability when it comes to complimenting your wardrobe.  Comfort and style were never words you could use together until Mohop arrived on the scene.  Best of all they are eco friendly and are made in a worker friendly environment.   

Mohop Shoes are here to revolutionise the way we see shoes.  For those of you, like me, who cannot get enough of shoes, Mohop have been sent by the Gods.

The possibilities for these shoes are endless and all it takes is some creativity and some ribbon.  There are various ways to tie the ribbon too, so it will never look like you are wearing the same pair of shoes twice.

In terms of weddings, these shoes have blown me away.  You can choose any colour ribbon you like and you will have a one of a kind wedding shoe that will not collect dust in your cupboard after your wedding.  You can also match your bridesmaid’s dresses with a ribbon of your choice and have your maid of honour tie her Mohop shoes in a different way.  They will love you for it as it will be a gift that keeps changing and giving for years to come.  The potential is truly limitless when it comes to these gorgeous, genius shoes. 

They are eco friendly and made in Chicago by Annie Mohaupt, an architect by trade.  Finally, they are available in South Africa, through me.  If you are interested in purchasing these shoes, please contact me at

Mohop shoes have also been featured in these magazines throughout the world:-  

7 reasons why everyone loves Mohop:-

Our shoes are just as beautiful on the foot as they are on the shelf.

Soft ribbon uppers and an ergonomically carved footbed render the shoes unbelievably comfortable.

Changing the ribbon tie is as easy as lacing a tennis shoe.

Its as easy to create a personalised look to match an individuals style and wardrobe.

The shoes allow a custom fit for a wide variety of  foot shapes.

Ethically produced, our "green" footwear contains no animal products and is manufactured in a worker friendly environment.

Packaged with 7 ribbon ties , the sandals provide literally hundreds of styles in one. Great value

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