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Friday, August 6, 2010

Alice in Wonderland

I have been so enthralled in Alice in Wonderland bridal shower theme that like Alice I have been stuck in a fantasy world for too long.  Being frivolous and having fun are just one of the joys of having a bridal shower and the Alice in Wonderland theme incorporates that reckless abandon of your last night as a single woman.

Before you even begin to consider using this theme for your bridal shower or hen’s party make sure that you have the use of one of your friend’s gardens or you have a garden of your own.  Trees are integral and create fabulous natural hanging spaces.  If you would like to use a venue make sure that the venue has a garden and a space inside.  Outdoors is always best but sometimes the rain can come along to spoil all your hard work.  Always have a plan B at the same venue.

For the invitations use clocks, rabbits, teapots, small bottles or slices of cake with the invitations on the inside of the labels with either “eat me” or “drink me” on the front.  Use clocks with words like “don’t be late for a very important date.” Also if you would like guests to wear crazy hats use the following wording “The Mad Hatter and the Bride invite you to wear or create a fun hat for this special occasion.”

Your table should be decorated with teapots, cups, saucers, cakes and loads of tea time treats.  If you would like to serve alcohol, Pimms and lemonade are perfect for this occasion; you could even add fruit or cucumber.  Place little bottles with a drink me label and tiny pieces of cake with eat me labels attached or you could simply place little squares next to the teapots or the pieces of cake.  Your tablecloth should be white and the brides chair should be a wingback that you have borrowed or from your own home.  You can use different style chairs or the same around the table.  A great idea that I found on Martha Stewarts site is too glue together teacups and saucers together to make cake stands.  Meringues, cupcakes, sandwiches, petit fours, pies and savoury treats should be spread haphazardly around the table.  Pick flowers from the garden or seasonal flowers and place in the teapots or cups.  Hang bunting above the table in the trees above (remember to keep the colours pastel and soft).  From the trees you could also hang a mirror, a large clock and an empty frame.  The empty frame is a stunning place to take photographs so that the bride can remember her special day.  Dressing the bride up is incredibly easy and a pretty summer dress will do the trick. 

Alice in Wonderland is a traditionally British theme which is very easy to emulate but if you would like to bring in aspects of Africa, here are some ideas:

Use African Daisies,hydrangeas or sunflowers in the teapots or place a daisy on the linen napkins. 
Use guinea fowl feathers and beaded place mats. 
Serve dishes like milk tart, koeksisters, scones, soetkoekies and savoury biscuits with marmite and biltong shreds.
Amarula cream is also a great addition to the drinks table.
Rich reds, yellows and oranges can be used for bunting and the occasional patch on the tablecloth.

As usual I have spent hours and even days looking for the best inspirational pictures that I could find on the internet.  If you are still stuck and need advice, you can contact me at

Loads of love