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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Eco-Bride by Dimity

The Eco-Bride by Dimity

We are all aware of the vast negative affects the global textile industry has on the environment. Our wedding day is one day in which all our dreams become a reality – including the 10 plus metres of polyester, nylon, and unethical silks. With the current trend for hosting “eco-weddings”, it is interesting to note the lack of concern when it comes to the wedding gown – mostly as a result of a lack of options and availability of alternate products for South African brides.
Designer and lecturer of Fashion Design at the Durban University of Technology, Wendy Schultz, is currently building her prototype Eco-Bride range and hopes it will be the first truly environmentally friendly range produced in South Africa.
Previously, Wendy has run her bridal and celebration wear label Dimity creating custom gowns (fit for the couture ramp) for clients, but since having started her Master’s Degree in Fashion & Textiles, intends to convert all gowns produced into hand-made environmentally-friendly pieces.

Fabrics are sourced as locally as possible. Vintage fabrics and laces are sourced at local antique shops, but new organic fabrics such as hemp and peace silk are only available overseas. South African farms are not yet producing enough organic fibres to supply the local textile industry, so while our factories are certified and environmentally-compliant, the raw materials spun into yarns are not organic. Carbon neutralising activities are implemented by Dimity to reduce the negative affects importing has on the environment.

The Dimity brand also includes re-worked gowns, so for the sentimental brides whose mom’s kept their gowns – a service is offered whereby a new gown is created out of the old. Your trousseau collection of lace and textiles can also be incorporated into a new style.

Wendy’s design ethos is to follow emotionally durable design styles and a conservative use of raw materials. All off-cut fabric is kept for use in hairpieces, small purses and bunting for the wedding day! Wendy uses old architect’s plans as pattern paper, and all other paper and plastic waste is recycled. Arrangements are also underway to utilise the skills of local beaders to do all finishing and embellishments on gowns.

Wendy’s M-Tech specific Eco-Bride range is due for launch at the end of 2010; however, all brides are welcome to get in contact with Wendy in the mean time to commission their earth-friendly dream gown. Visit  to view previous ranges and products, or contact Wendy at or +27 83 334 0250 for further details.

I am thrilled to say that I have found a wedding dress designer who is passionate about her work and the environment.  In the use of vintage fabrics she is in the process of creating works of bridal art.  

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Schoone Oordt

Schoone Oordt  - Swellendam, Western Cape.

A honeymoon destination and a wedding venue.  Please see a real wedding at the end.

'Schoone Oordt Country House...
Stylish, luxurious, yet laid-back accommodation in a country guesthouse
between Cape Town and the Garden Route in Swellendam South Africa.”

+27 28 514 1248
+27 28 514 1249
Tucked away in a corner of the garden, lies the romantic honeymoon hideaway.  Brush past the brightly flowering fuchsia’s onto the secluded patio and open the French doors to a world of elegant sophistication.  Relax into crisp custom-made 100% cotton percale linen and goose down bedding adorning the ornately carved four-poster bed and forget about the world outside.
Step into the oversized shower or sink into a beautiful Victorian ball and claw bath while the day’s journey slips off you in a froth of delicate "rain" bubbles.  Wrap yourself in one of the fluffy embroidered gowns and feel the extravagance of a heated bathroom floor.
Relax in your own small private lounge surrounded by fabulous antiques.  Help yourself to a cup of tea or coffee and if it’s chilly outside stoke up the fire and jump back into bed.

The Honeymoon suite includes:
• Antique wardrobe and dresser
• Ornate Over-sized King Four-poster Bed
• Custom-made 100% cotton percale linen
• Goose Down bedding
• Tea/Coffee - Homemade biscuits or rusks
• Luxurious wool carpet
• Fireplace
• Air-conditioning
• Under floor heating in bathroom

• Heated towel rails
• Embroidered towelling gowns
• Complimentary slippers
• Over-sized shower
• Double basins
• Hairdryer
• Private patio and entrance

Julie & Matt's Gorgeous picnic wedding
6 March 2010

Well, we've had a super busy season, our best so far, which is why the diary pages have been so quiet. Thank you to all of our wonderful guests for making that happen and a very big thank you to all of those whom have returned and sent friends and family!

We've also been VERY anxiously awaiting Julie & Matt's wedding pictures... Aren't they beautiful? They were taken by Jules Morgan. Those of you that remember our family picture that's displayed in the conservatory - same photographer - have a look at her

Julie & Matt got married on the 3rd January this year under a white canopy on our lush green grass. I say, lush, because we spent weeks before the wedding tending to it daily! It became my pet project. They invited 20 of their closest friends and family to spend the day and evening with them here. All of the guests kicked their shoes off to merrily feast out of country-style picnic baskets sitting on beautifully crafted quilts made by Julie's mom. Actually Oscar, our dog, joined them quite happily and found a quilt all of his own... It was an exquisite wedding, one I will always remember and I can honestly say that Julie & Matt have become fast friends.

They had these amazing words to say about us... “Quite simply Schoone Oordt is beautiful. The attention to detail is amazing. The rooms are stunning, elegant and calm. Every detail is just perfect. Prepare yourself for the most amazing breakfast, beautifully prepared fresh food with real thought behind it (I don't think that you will find a better one anywhere). This has been achieved with love, enthusiasm, passion and pure talent from Alison and Richard. These lovely people have created the perfect Guest House. They are true professionals when it comes to hospitality and events. We cannot recommend Schoone Oordt highly enough. Whether you visit for just one night or book this beautiful house and grounds for an event, you won't be disappointed.”

Monday, March 15, 2010

Flies - Exceptional live music for your wedding.

Having live music at your wedding to get the party started is brilliant.  Booking a band that you and your guests will love, is however very difficult and time consuming.  You have to rely on referrals and on Friday night, a couple of weeks back, I got to experience FLIES.  Wow! These boys are seriously talented and can get a party started in an old age home.  While they played, there was not a bum in its seat.  Chatting to them afterwards, the fees are extremely reasonable and they do weddings!!! They also take requests, so whatever song you have chosen as your wedding song, they can play.  Brent Harris and Denholm Harding are actually the drummer and base guitarist from Just Jinjer and started FLIES when they returned from Los Angeles.  

Brent Harris, Denholm Harding and Gavin Morein are no strangers to the SA music scene. Having years of international experience performing with Just Jinjer, FLIES are the comically-commercial and foot-tapping trio who bring you classic pop and rock songs that any audience can enjoy.

Get down on it (Cool and the gang)-pop dance
Fly me to the moon (Frank Sinatra)-ballad
Beautiful in my eyes (Joshua Kadesin)-ballad
Blame it on the Boogy (Jackson 5)dance
Fragile (Sting) ballad
Break my stride -dance
Don't know why(Norah Jones)ballad(female)
Don't stop moving-dance
Faith (George Michael)-pop
Green door-rock n roll/pop
I will survive (Gloria Gaynor)-dance(female)
Richard Marx-ballad
Long Train (Doobie Bros)dance
Hope Joanna-dance
Jump (pointer sisters)-dance (female)
Dancing in the moonlight -pop dance
December 63 -pop dance
Higher-(Creed) rock
Blister in the sun (Violent Femmes)-pop
September (Earth Wind And Fire)-dance
I love rock n roll (Joan Jett)-pop
Sacrifice (Creed)-rock
Life is a rollercoaster (Rowan Keating)-pop/dance
Song2 (Blur)-rock/pop
American Music Medley-featuring artists around the globe including a rock n roll songs and reggae songs etc...
Take a look around (Limp Bizkit)-rock
New sensation (Inxs)-pop rock
Rock Star (Smash Mouth)-pop
The Middle (Jimmy Eat World)-pop/rock
Sex is on fire (Kings Of Lion)-pop/rock
Basket Case (Green Day)-pop/rock
All the small things (Blink 182)-pop/rock
Have u ever seen the rain (Creedence)-pop/Folk
Need somebody (Kings Of Lion)-pop/rock
Lightning Crashes (Live)-ballad/pop
In the end (Linkin Park)-pop/rock
Selling the drama (live)-pop/rock
I'm a believer-pop/rock
Move your feet-dance
Moving on up (M people)-dance (female)
Nothing at all (Rowan keatin)-ballad
Raining men (female)-dance
Superstar (female)-dance
Sway (Michael Buble)-mid tempo/dance
Cant take my eyes off mid tempo/dance

Drum Solo featuring all the 3 members playing drums and percussion together!! Huge feature-Email Brent Harris to book Flies for your wedding.

Clearly, you are getting an internationally recognised band for your wedding or engagement party, and one thing I can guarantee, your wedding will be an event that people will talk about for years to come.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Teniqua Treetops

Choosing a honeymoon destination is one of the most enjoyable parts of planning your wedding.  I have spoken to a number of establishments to help you choose a local destination that is romantic and beautiful.  Some of these venues are fully eco friendly and others follow the basic criteria of reuse, reduce and recycle. .  If you need to fly to this destination, Kulula, a local carrier, has a feature allowing you to offset your flights with Trees for Africa.  This applies both to your honeymoon and for guests that are flying to your wedding from other parts of the country.  Try and get everyone to offset their flights and neutralise the emissions from their travel. 

Teniqua Treetops – Garden Route, South Africa.

Teniqua Treetops Eco Treehouse Accommodation is at Sedgefield, just off the N2,
on the magical Garden Route, Western Cape, South Africa

TEL:+27 (0) 44 356-2868 EMAIL:

Teniqua Treetops is an environmentally friendly establishment, that is committed to learning and constantly changing to save the environment that encapsulates their establishment. True to its name, Teniqua Treetops has beautiful rooms, surrounded by trees.  They are situated in the Eastern Cape in what I believe to be one of the most idyllic and naturally gorgeous places in South Africa.  They do not compete with nature, they allow you to enjoy nature in privacy and tranquility.

“Our tree houses offer a unique opportunity to sleep, eat and shower up in the canopy of the forest, surrounded by birdsong and butterflies. Built on hand crafted platforms and situated in carefully chosen beauty spots, they have comfortable tented bedrooms, fully equipped kitchens and leafy luxury bathrooms.”

“Teniqua Treetops is committed to running an eco-friendly establishment and it’s an issue we take seriously. We are currently installing solar geysers in all the tree houses. We have installed 4 at this stage, 4 more to go. I am nervous as to how well they will function in winter. 
As I learn more about being environmentally aware and committed I have realized it is not a matter of replacing one item with another, but it requires a change in life-style. So all our honeymoon tree houses have large 2 person baths with fabulous views, we re-use the grey water to encourage the forest to grow first removing the grease via a grease trap. I feel in the forest we do not have to worry as much about water conservation as the grey water goes straight to the trees and benefits them, with solar heating there is infinite hot water, provided the sun shines. And when there is no sun, the water gradually cools and there is the life-style change. If you bath at night, then you need to wait for a few hours in the morning for the tank to reheat.

We also use low energy lighting and heating, so while we have heaters, we prefer guests to snuggle up with electric blankets.

We have 30 hectares of pristine indigenous forest, the milkwoods are over 1000 years old. And then we have 5 hectares of grass so we keep retired / rescue horses as large pretty lawn mowers.

Our focus is on privacy and tranquility, we can be full and never see guests, most people who come here remain in their tree houses or go for walks in the forest, swim in the river, watch the birds and the butterflies. Its their choice, we are always around and if they want to interact they can, but frequently they do not even leave the farm but relax and enjoy the nature and themselves.” – Robyn of Teniqua Treetops.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Eye Slices

You can purchase these online, have them applied in a salon or use at home.  They are made locally but are available worldwide. Please visit they have local and international distributors.  You can also visit my green vendors page for local and international distribution contacts.

These are yummy, yummy and I have thoroughly enjoyed using them.  They force you to take that much needed time out.  There is only one problem and that is that you do not want to take them off.  They are re usable with the case up to 10 times and without the case, 5 times.  These make fabulous gifts and using them to depuff and revive your eyes before your wedding is a great idea.  Bye bye cucumber, hello eye slices!! 

eyeSlices® are innovative eye treatment pads that combine the natural essence of nature with bio-innovation to bring about an all-in-one solution to all common eye concerns. eyeSlices® is a global first in cryogel polymer technology. These dermal delivery eye masks reduce the appearance of red eyes, dark circles under eyes, tired eyes, wrinkles and puffy eyes within5 minutes of use. These professional spa and in-home anti-aging eye skin treatments lock in moisture and are unique in that they provide an instant cooling sensation without a fridge and are re-usable!

In Vogue Eyes
First thing in the morning after a late night, reach for your eyeSlices® & spend a few minutes reviving your eyes for the day ahead while you visualise seizing the day and making your life extraordinary.

Legendary eyes
Get ready to conquer your world and tackle life's obstacles, without the puffiness and dark circles from stress, hard work and long nights. Take a few minutes of 'me-time' and visualise reaping the success from all your hard work.

Happy Eyes
Keep your eyeSlices® close at hand after those happy moments of outdoor live, encounters with Mother Nature & time with your four-footed friends. Within a few minutes you can enjoy relief &visualise a healthy, balanced life.

Candy Eyes
Get your beauty sleep within 5 minutes...close your eyes, relax, soak away the effects of life's heavy demands & visualise being forever young in body & mind.

I-Slices South Africa Head Office
Tel: +27 (0)11 315 0394
Fax: +27 (0) 11 315 0397
Physical Address:Suite F1 - Block 27
Thornhill Office Park
Bekker Rd
Postal Address:PO Box 4056
Halfway House

Monday, March 8, 2010

Karin Hagg and Marlon Dale: Thula Thula Wildlife Preserve

Karin Hagg and Marlon Dale: Thula Thula Wildlife Preserve

Larissa Cleveland 
Phone: 408.306.2080 

Basic Wedding Info:
Couples' Names: Karin Haag & Marlon Dale 
Hometown: New York, NY Wedding 
Date: October 25, 2008 Wedding 
Location: Thula Thula Private Game Reserve, Zululand, South Africa
Wedding Theme and Colors: Theme was elegant spring safari. Colors where white and grass green

Eco-Elements of the wedding:
The couple gave fever-tree seedlings for guest favors. Marlon's sister Simone works for Indigenous Trees for Life, a charity group that helps local children grow and sell trees. This not only helps the environment, but also the local community. More info about the organization below...

Indigenous Trees For Life

Indigenous Trees For Life is a livelihoods programme that helps poor and vulnerable members of our township and rural communities to grow a future for themselves. Wildlands Conservation Trust facilitators teach individuals in these communities how to grow indigenous trees from seed and care for the plants until they reach a certain height. These individuals are referred to as ‘tree-preneurs’. The trees are then traded back to Wildlands for food, clothes, bicycles, agricultural goods and tools, school and university fees. The trees are then either planted back into the communities or planted out in Wildlands’ forest restoration projects. The programme was started in 2004 in KwaJobe in northern Zululand with just 300 tree-preneurs. There are currently over 2 500 tree-preneurs, spread across 20 communities in KwaZulu-Natal, Mpumalanga and Gauteng, who grow around 300 000 indigenous trees per annum.
More information:
Youtube video:

Planning Details:

Bride's Attire (designer/label): Monique Lhuillier 
Groom's Attire (designer/label): Armani suit, Vilebrequin linen shirt 
Flowers: Althea Higham & Jane Whitby of Dream Themes 
Entertainment: Richard Anderson 
Photographer: Larissa Cleveland 
Invitations: Lisa Frey, Bella Carta Studio 
Honeymoon Plans: Nicci Young-Wiese, Young Safaris

Wedding Details:

How did you choose your wedding location?
Although we live in the US, Marlon is South African. We met when I was on safari 5 years earlier. He was one of the game rangers. The bush is where we met and fell in love, so it seemed the perfect setting for our wedding. We wanted a venue that had a real "bushveld" feel, was malaria free for guests with young children, and had amazing food. Thula Thula fit the bill perfectly!

How many attendees did you have? 40 

Best idea you had in planning your destination wedding?
The best idea in terms of logistics was the game drive after the ceremony. I wanted to attend the cocktail hour, but was not sure how to occupy the guests while we took photos after the ceremony. Marlon suggested sending them on a game drive. It was perfect! We even sent them out with individual bottles of champagne!


My bouquet was white flowers (roses, lilies & lisianthus) along with a sprinkling of green herbs (rosemary and dill)- a tribute to my love of gardening and cooking.

Ceremony Site:

We chose to have the ceremony on the edge of the bush at the game reserve. The setting was so stunning that I could not imagine trying to compete with the natural beauty with arranged flowers. We lined the aisle with a deep pile of white rose petals. After the ceremony the spectacular
florists and staff from Thula Thula picked up all the petals and scattered them between the lumieria to ring the reception site.

Reception Site:

We had one long dinner table under a group of trees. The table was set with white phalaenopsis orchids in clear glass pots, grasses, balls of pale green flowers and individual pale green orchids on the menus at each place setting. We also had enormous white pearlized helium filled balloons floating over the table and in the swimming pool. On the cocktail tables the florists made stunning garlands of white flowers that matched my bouquet. The flowers were amazing. They were everything I dreamed of and the florists had to drive over 6 miles of very bumpy unpaved roads with a car full of glass hurricanes and assorted vases to get to the game reserve.


Thula Thula is run by a South African man and his French wife. She oversees the kitchen staff and they are known for their wonderful food. We wanted an elegant meal with a South African flair. We served a five course dinner that lasted for hours! In the South African tradition, speeches were give between the courses by the father of the groom, sister of the bride (Standing in for the father of the bride), best man and groom. The master of ceremonies also read out emails from overseas guests who were not able to attend.
Menu: Chilled Fresh Tomato and Basil Soup with Avocado Sorbet Ratatouille and Polenta Crumble Seafood Creole Vol au Vent
Rare Venison Medallions on Sweet Potato Cake, Served with Red Wine and Bacon Reduction
or Three Cheese and Pesto Feuillete Mini Mud Cakes with Chocolate Ganache Filling and Fudge Icing


As favors we gave out local fever trees. They were small seedlings that we bought from Wildlands Conservation Trust, a local charity that Simone, the grooms sister, works for. A description of the program is below. The trees were in small terra cotta pots stamped with the same "KM" monogram we used on our wedding invitations. The pots were commissioned through a local potter.

Indigenous Trees For Life

The objective of Indigenous Trees for Life is to establish a sustainable livelihoods programme that significantly contributes to the restoration of the regions forest eco-systems and the sequestration of CO2. Indigenous Trees for Life is centred around a network of ‘tree-preneurs’, usually orphaned and vulnerable children, who grow indigenous trees to support their livelihoods. The children then barter the trees for food, clothes, bicycles and other necessities the Trust secures through corporate donations. The trees are then planted out in urban greening projects or forest restoration carbon sinks.
The initiation of these pilot carbon sink initiatives heralds a new era for the programme as these carbon sinks may not only provide for the long term sustainability of the programme, but also underwrite the programmes contribution to biodiversity conservation and the mitigation of climate change.
There are currently around 1400 tree-preneurs in 18 communities around the KwaZulu-Natal who will grow more than 200 000 trees in the next season.

Friday, March 5, 2010


Been looking for something to give your husband to be that is natural, smells gorgeous and is reasonably priced, here are some wonderful products from Meadowsweet.

Meadowsweet has a great mens range of products and have kindly given a pre wedding routine to soothe and calm nerves and aching muscles.  You can purchase Meadowsweet online at Meadowsweet’s website link:  The website has an e-store and mail order form available.  Please access these contact details on my green vendors page.

Meadowsweet Groom’s Skincare Combo

For the best overall body calmness and collectiveness on a stressful day ahead, consider making use of the following Meadowsweet combo. Start with relaxing in some Sore Muscle Bath Soak before enjoying a warm bath with the Muscle Soother Nourishing Bath Milk. Apply thereafter, the effective and perfect to relax Muscle Soother Hand & Body Lotion to keep hands moisturised throughout a long day.

The Muscle Soother Bath Milk is a combination of a soothing mix of herbs and oils that have traditionally been used for muscular aches and pains, to stimulate the mind and de-stress the soul. It is said they relax overexerted muscles while the body gets a chance to recuperate; making them ideal for those has a big day ahead.

Traditionally the oils used in this Muscle Soother Hand and Body Lotion have been used to ease muscular aches and pains, to stimulate the mind and to de-stress the soul. Our unique blend of oils relaxes stiff, sore and overexerted muscles.

Sore Muscle Bath Soak 250ml for R54.95
Muscle Soother Bath Milk 125ml for R59.95
Muscle Soother Hand & Body Lotion 50ml for R47.95

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Unique Bride

On Thursday I had the privilege of being on 702 and Cape Talk for Redi Direko’s show.  She does a green tip every Thursday and I was lucky enough to be featured.  I will download the podcast, so that you can all access it. 

Image from green wedding shoes courtesy of Rebekah Westover

Eco Friendly shoes from Mohop, not available in South Africa.....yet! however you can purchase them online. All you do is replace the ribbon and wrap it any way you like. I love these.

I have to share my love of the “individual” especially in a bride.  We are all different and as we choose to share our wedding day with people who love us and know us best, we should always add things that define who we are.  There is nothing wrong with embracing tradition and as you know I am a sucker for beautiful weddings, which include big white dresses and aesthetically pleasing décor.  Always try, however to add little touches of you and your groom.  I found images of brides on the internet who chose to do this and for obvious reasons these weddings really stand out.

Here are some ideas:

  1. Shoes:  Wear gorgeous boots if you are having a winter rustic wedding and coloured shoes if you are having a summer wedding.
  2. If you are generally a casual couple and so are your friends, get your groom to wear jeans and a smart shirt with a jacket and wear a shorter wedding dress with a bit of colour on it.
  3. Never be contrived and submit to something that you don’t want and isn’t you.  A wedding is a celebration of your unique love and though the traditions are important, keep it real.
  4. Reuse, reduce and recycle. Bring this into your décor and your bridal attire.
  5. Use a colour and pattern, like polka dots and gingham.
  6. Use a type of flower as a theme.

Please go and look at, it is a fabulous blog and celebrates everything thats unique about a bride.  It is also a visual inspiration and I loved visiting.  Credit to Micah  Bowerbank for her black and white photograph of bride on haystack. Hope you are inspired to be true to yourself on your special day.

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Monday, March 1, 2010

The Peech Eco Boutique Hotel

The Peech founded by James Peech is an eco-boutique hotel set in Johannesburg’s chic suburb of Melrose. The hotel has sixteen bedrooms spread over a one acre garden, a bistro and a boardroom. Blending chic design with the latest technology, and a sustainability policy that includes eco-friendly solutions like solar water heating and grey water recycling, The Peech is an ideal place for business or leisure. The centers of Sandton, Rosebank and Melrose Arch are all within ten minutes of the hotel. Described as “Contemporary, edgy and Afrocentric” by Condé Nast Traveller and nominated as South Africa’s leading Boutique hotel for the last two consecutive years (World Travel Awards), this is the ideal hangout for trendy travelers in the hunt for something out of the ordinary

  • 16 rooms & suites
  • Bistro & champagne bar
  • Swimming pool & gardens
  • Boardroom for up to 20
  • Library
  • Complimentary WiFi
  • Gym (private access to adjacent Planet Fitness Gym)
  • Back-up generator and water system
  • Eco-friendly water, energy & design solutions


The hotel has a chic bistro restaurant overlooking the pool & gardens. Seating up to 30 guests it serves contemporary Bistro food under the supervision of head chef Greg Jardim. Adjoining is a champagne bar with a wide range of champagnes and local sparkling wines.

Greg Jardim’s focus is on flavour and polished simplicity: “I've tried to create a menu that reflects what The Peech is all about: simple, laid-back and chic with an understated touch of sophistication. All dishes are designed to use only the freshest seasonal ingredients.”

The bistro is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and to non-residents.


We aim to put something back into the community by supporting a local charity. This is the Little Eden Children’s Home. For guests who are willing to add R5 per night stayed to their bill, we will match the donation.

Read more about Little Eden on:

We also donate relevant items (linen, crockery etc) to the charity and allow their staff to stay at the hotel as an incentive for top performance.


The Peech is committed to operating a sustainable hotel & wants a stay at The Peech to have as small an impact as possible on the environment. By having a sustainability policy that includes renovating an existing structure and introducing eco-friendly solutions like solar water heating, and grey water recycling, The Peech hopes to set an example for other hotels in South Africa.

  • The hotel has solar water heating throughout the hotel – guest rooms, kitchen and laundry cutting electricity usage by a third.
  • Replacing inefficient lighting, one energy-draining bulb at a time.
  • Using timers & day-night sensors where possible to cut down use
  • We are proud to have no larger an electricity supply than that of a standard South African household.

  • The Garden suites have grey water recycling. This provides water for garden irrigation cutting down on use of chlorinated municipal water.
  • We have water-efficient dual-flush toilets and water-efficient landscaping.
  • The hotel uses ecological detergents and cleaning agents in the laundry and kitchen. 

  • All the rooms have double-layer insulation to reduce heat in summer and heat-loss in winter.
  • The hotel has over 90 square meters of green space per hotel guest. The hotel’s footprint has been kept to a minimum with expansive green space for guests to relax in.
  • The bistro grows some of its own herbs & vegetables keeping food deliveries down and the kitchen stocked with organic ingredients.
  • We only use rechargeable batteries in the hotel

  • The hotel has an on-site water bottling facility that provides drinking water for the bistro & rooms. This cuts out waste from plastic bottles and avoids the need for water deliveries.
  • The hotel recycles as much as is possible in South Africa - cans, paper, cardboard, glass & kitchen oil.
  • We also donate old furniture and linens to our charity – Little Eden


Contact the hotel on (011) 537 9797 or
Rooms are priced per night, inclusive of breakfast and WiFi access.


World Travel Awards 2009 & 2008 – Nomination as South Africa’s Leading Boutique Hotel
TGCSA rating 4 Star
Chic Retreats Member (


"Contemporary, edgy and Afrocentric" (Condé Nast Traveller UK)
"An unexpected city oasis" (Elle South Africa)
“Swish and sexy…the ideal hangout for trendy travellers in the hunt for no-frills contemporary style